ExB-16N     ExB-21N

The baton serves for fast self-defense in different conflict situations. It is opened by sharp flick and stays firmly fixed in this position. The ESP non-hardened baton is recommended for personal self-defense it is not designed for professional use.

 ESP non-hardened expandable baton

Review of producing types

Designation of the baton
Surface finishLength of the batonWeight
(without holder)
closedexpanded *
ExB-16N black nickel / white nickel 6,7″  /  170 mm 16″  /  405 mm 340 g
  ExB-21N   black nickel / white nickel 8,3″  /  210 mm 21″  /  530 mm 440 g

* length tolerance: -0,6″ (-15,2 mm)  /  +0,4″ (10,1 mm)

These batons have a top quality tenacious rubber grip with an original anti-slip surface. This surface expressively decreases any possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand. A firm grasp of the baton gives the user a comfortable certitude.

Grip of the ESP non-hardened expandable baton

instructions for use

Plastic holder for expandable baton BH-02

These non-hardened expandable batons are supplied with plastic holder BH-02, for which European patent was granted (EP 1832834). This plastic holder enables:

  • very quick drawing of the baton just with one hand, since thanks to automatic opening of the holder after unfastening of nylon strap there is almost no friction
  • possibility of modification of size of aperture for the belt by cutting the dividers and thus inclination of the holder forward or backward as needed
  • holder with unfastened nylon strap enables carrying of expanded baton 

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