BARRACUDA 5     Tactical police flashlight with 5W LED chip Cree XP-G

Tactical police flashlight with 5W LED chip CREE XP-G BARRACUDA 5

Tactical flashlight with the innovative Cree LED chip XP-G with 5W performance ensures the luminosity of up to 380 lm. The flashlight is waterproof (it can be submerged in shallow water) and it can withstand rough handling.

The flashlight is made from highly resistant duralumin. The front glass is made of polycarbonate. Robust body of the flashlight has ergonomic shape. It enables also so called “cigar holding” together with weapon.

Its grooved surface enhances significantly safe grip under any conditions. Strongly grooved head prevents rolling of the flashlight on smooth surface.

The metal switch is placed at the end of the flashlight. The switch is tactical – it can be pressed lightly for momentary output (lasting only through the duration of the pressure) or it can be pressed fully, switching the flashlight into constant output.

A swivelling holder LHU-x4 or LH-x4 is available for comfortable carrying of the flashlight.


  • head diameter 34 mm
  • body diameter 25 mm (at the handle)
  • length 136 mm
  • weight 142 g (including batteries)

Designation of the flashlightModes of lightingPower supply – package includes
BARRACUDA 5-3R 3 modes 18650 battery, charging adapter, micro USB cable
BARRACUDA 5-R 1 mode
BARRACUDA 5-3N 3 modes 2 pcs of non-rechargeable battery CR123A
BARRACUDA 5-N 1 mode


This version of flashlight comprises an electronic module, which enables 3 modes of lighting:

  • full output,
  • half output,
  • stroboscope.

You can select the desired mode by pressing the switch quickly several times when turning the flashlight on. If you switch the flashlight off for more than 2 seconds, it defaults to switching on in the 100% performance mode.


Charging adapter

The flashlight is powered by the 18650 type battery which can be charged in the adapter with micro USB connector. The adapter can be connected to a charger from a regular smartphone with the micro USB connector (this charger is not part of the package) or – using the cable supplied with the flashlight – the battery in the adapter can be charged from a PC or a laptop.

The flashlight can also be powered by 2 pcs of non-rechargeable battery CR123A in combination with the plastic insert (incl. in the package) which compensates for the smaller diameter of the battery. This can be very useful as a back-up power source.


The flashlight is powered by 2 pcs of non-rechargeable battery CR123A in combination with the plastic insert (incl. in the package) which compensates for the smaller diameter of the battery.

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