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We developed this universal tool based on the requests of members of security forces – it is a knife for rescue workers, police officers and soldiers as well as for everyday carrying (EDC). The knife boasts a unique shape and construction as it unites the tried and tested cutter of disposable handcuffs and seat belts with the reliable glass breaker.

The ESP knife fully performs the regular knife function, fitting the hand of the user perfectly. Moreover, it can be used in case of an accident for an emergency entry into or exit out of the vehicle and cutting of the seat belt. In case of need, its cutter can also be used to remove clothing from a wounded person without any risk of cutting them.

ESP Rescue Knife RK-01



The knife's blade is made of quality cutlery steel type AUS-8 and comes in matte titanium gray color. The PVD surface treatment significantly increases the blade's resistance against wear and corrosion. The reliable liner lock type safeguard can be unlocked with the thumb.

ESP Rescue Knife RK-01 with a Smooth Blade

ESP Rescue Knife RK-01-S with a Combi Blade

ESP Rescue Knife RK-02 with a Hook


There are 3 versions of the knife available:

  • with a smooth blade .... RK-01  •  RKK-01  •  RKY-01
  • with a combi blade .... RK-01-S  •  RKK-01-S  •  RKY-01-S

    Combinate blade with a partially serrated edge facilitates faster cutting of ropes as it prevents the knife from getting stuck.
  • with a hook .... RK-02  •  RKK-02  •  RKY-02

    Thanks to the rounded blade tip the knife cannot be used to stab and thus cannot cause stab wounds. This may be required when performing certain specific duties – rescue workers, prison guards… The hook with the cutting edge and the serrated part of the blade enable quicker cutting of ropes as they prevent the blade from catching.


Handle and the metal clip

The knife's handle is ergonomically shaped and comfortably fits the user's hand. The knife presents an innovative solution of the metal clip, which is partially embedded in the handle and does not form a protrusion. Thanks to this, the handle fits both right-handed and left-handed users excellently. The knife's unique construction is protected by a community registered design.

The fine pattern on the surface of the haft prevents the knife from slipping from the user's hand. The handle is made from resistant PA66 polyamide, ensuring it can truly withstand a lot. The knife can be attached to the gear or to a key chain thanks to a handy ring.

We manufacture the knife with 3 colors of handle:

  • black .... RK
  • khaki .... RKK
  • yellow .... RKY

ESP Rescue Knife of the type RKY – with the handle in yellow colourESP Rescue Knife of the type RKY – with the handle in yellow colour

Glass breaker

The knife is also equipped with a glass breaker, which contains a tip made of tungsten carbide. Thanks to this enhancement, only a milder strike suffices to reliably break glass, such as a car window. The breaking tip is also not too sharp, so the user cannot be accidentally injured during regular manipulation.



The multipurpose cutter on the knife's handle can easily cut car seat belts, clothing when administering first aid as well as ESP textile handcuffs. Thanks to its specially designed shape, the cutter can be easily inserted beneath the clothes while its embedded blade minimizes the risk of injury.




Type of bladeTypeHandle
Length of the
open knife
Blade length (from the
tip to the handle)
Length of the
serrated part
smooth RK-01 black 221 mm 100 mm 89 mm 164 g
RKK-01 khaki
RKY-01 yellow
RK-01-S black 221 mm 100 mm 89 mm 26 mm 164 g
RKK-01-S khaki
RKY-01-S yellow
with a hook
RK-02 black 217 mm 95 mm 84 mm 37 mm 168 g
RKK-02 khaki
RKY-02 yellow


  • Blade width 3 mm
  • Length of the handle (closed knife) 133 mm
  • Handle width 13 mm (including the metal clip: 16–18 mm)



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