ARTAX     Tactical flashlight

Tactical flashlight with a maximum light output of 1 900 lumens and a beam distance of up to 211 meters provided by the Luminus SST-40 LED chip. Smart electronics enables the lighting in 5 modes – four different brightness levels and a stroboscope. The ARTAX flashlight is a perfect light source for armed or rescue forces as well as for outdoor activities.

The flashlight is powered by 1 rechargeable 18650 battery (accumulator) that is part of the package. You can use two non-rechargeable CR 123A batteries as a backup power source when a charger is not available.

ARTAX – Tactical flashlight

Compact body of the ARTAX flashlight is made of highly durable aerospace duralumin type 6061. The front glass is made of polycarbonate. The flashlight is IP68 certified so you can take it to a dusty basement or a heavy downpour, it also withstands a 2m dive. The distinctive grooved surface, which is typical for ESP flashlights, ensures a secure and firm grip even in the rain or with sweaty hands and prevents the flashlight from falling out of the hand even with a strong blow.


We conceived this light source as a so-called "defensive flashlight", which will serve you in crisis situations as an alternative self-defense device in the manner of a jawara or kubotan. You first temporarily blind the aggressor with a bright light or strobe that can be turned on with a tactical switch on the end cap.

If the attack continues or escalates, you can then use a variety of different strikes – either with a solidified fist with the flashlight clenched in your palm or with the end of the flashlight protruding from your hand. The head of the flashlight is topped with punch tips that increase the intensity and effect of the strike.


On the end of the flashlight, you will find a tactical switch that lights the ARTAX in 100% power or strobe mode. A light squeeze allows the light to last only as long as you hold the switch button (tactical mode). Pressing the switch lightly twice (in quick succession) will trigger the strobe in tactical mode. Once the switch is fully depressed, the flashlight will light permanently in the selected mode.

Tactical switch on the end of the ARTAX flashlight

Sophisticated design of the end cap prevents the switch from being pressed unintentionally. The rubber switch button is comfortable to operate even when wearing service gloves.

A side switch on the head of the flashlight is used to select the modes. The modes alternate in the following order: 

  • 100 %,
  • 50 %,
  • 15 %,
  • 0,5 %.

If you turn the flashlight off for more than 2 seconds, it will light up again in 100% power mode.


colored battery level indicator in the side switch shows the charge level of the inserted battery. It lights up for 5 seconds after the flashlight is turned on.

  • green: 100–70 %,
  • orange: 70–30 %,
  • red: 30–10 %,
  • red flashing: critically low battery level (10–1 %).

The flashlight has a rubber-cap protected built-in USB-C connector that allows direct charging of inserted 18650 accumulator. It takes about 4 hours for the flashlight to be fully charged.

We will supply you with a cable with USB-A connector (the regular USB you know from your computer) so you can charge your ARTAX flashlight through a smartphone charger, laptop or you can use a power bank. The cable is 50 cm long.


Side switch indicator informs you about the charging status:

  • red:  the battery is charging,
  • green:  the battery is fully charged,
  • orange:  badly inserted or malfunctioning battery.

Please note that you can charge only 18650 Li-Ion batteries with protection circuit. The flashlight cannot be used while charging. You can use an external charger to recharge 18650 battery as well. 

We offer a nylon holder of the type LHNA-01 (see bellow) or a swiveling holder of the type LHU-x4-27-24.26 for a convenient carrying of the flashlight during duty. Thanks to the detachable metal clip, you can also carry it in your trouser pocket or on your belt. There are 2 eyelets on the flashlight end cap that are used to attach the hand strap.



Package includes:

  • ARTAX flashlight
  • 18650 battery (rechargeable)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • hand strap
  • 2 extra O-rings




  • diameter 25,4 mm
  • length 120 mm
  • weight 129 g (incl. 18650 battery)

LHNA-01     Nylon holder for ARTAX flashlight

LHNA-01 – Nylon holder for the ARTAX flashlightThis nylon holder serves for carrying of ARTAX tactical flashlight, which is perfectly protected from loss and damage. Tiltable flap is equipped with Velcro seal. Thanks to it, the flashlight can be quickly pull out from the holder with just one hand.

For comfortable carrying on the belt you will find a nylon loop with Velcro on the back. The advantage of this solution is that you don't have to unbuckle the belt when putting on the holder.

Weight 39 g.

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