SCORPY 200SCORPY 200The number of assaults, robberies and other violent crimes is constantly increasing. Many people consequently are concerned about their security.

We would like to present a defensive device, combining a defensive spray and an electric stun gun, SCORPY 200. Adding the defensive spray has increased the radius of safety of electric stun guns for defense up to a range of 6 ft. (2 m).

The stun gun and defensive spray are combined into one device that can be easily operated with one hand. This eliminates complicated movements needed for using a stun gun and spray independently.

Thanks to the device's ergonomic shape it is now possible to aim more accurately at the attacker's face. It also eliminates the risk of the defender spraying oneself.

You are now able to instantly choose the proper defense to meet an attack, or to combine both means of defense. This substantially increases the chances for a successful defense.

When using the SCORPY 200 the defender gains the element of surprise. If the attacker sees that defender has an electric stun gun, he does not expect to be hit by a stream of spray.

We hope that you will never have to use SCORPY 200 and that it will serve only to increase your feeling of self-confidence and safety.

When you carry the SCORPY 200, you can be sure that you have the right tool for your defense.


Instructions for use

Figure of SCORPY 200

Figure of SCORPY 200

  1. spray nozzle, first contact electrode
  2. second contact electrode
  3. testing electrodes
  4. electrical part safety switch
  5. electric part trigger
  6. spray trigger
  7. cover of battery and spray compartment
  8. wrist strap for fastening to hand



Main features of SCORPY 200

  • Immediate self-defense
  • 200,000 Volt - It is effective even through thick layers of clothing (even through leather)
  • The electric shock will not affect you even if the attacker is grabbing you
  • Defensive spray - effective range 6 ft (2 m), the attacker will then be affected for 30 minutes
  • No psychological or physical damage
  • Small, inconspicuous, always handy
  • Safety switch
  • Belt-clip
  • 24-month warranty

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