Pepper spray TYPHOON 400 ml

Professional, highly efficient pepper spray with volume of 400 ml and with reach up to 5–6 m contains concentrated oleoresin capsicum (OC). Spray has character of JET with small drops, that's why it is less susceptible to dispersion by possible mild wind.

Thanks to its volume it is designated particularly for use at special actions against several attackers, such as riots or rampage of soccer fans. Pepper spray meets the highest safety standards. Working temperatures are within the interval from -20 to +50 °C.

Spray cannot be refilled. Made in Germany.


  • Diameter of the can 64 mm
  • Height 256 mm (with handle)
  • Width 140 mm (at the place of handle)
  • Weight 571 g

SHTY-01     Nylon holder for TYPHOON pepper spray

Nylon holder for TYPHOON pepper spray  SHTY-01

For comfortable carrying of the TYPHOON spray, we offer a thigh holster produced from durable quality nylon. The holster can be attached to a belt (without the necessity of unbuckling the belt) with a loop with Velcro.

Another strap with Velcro can be used to fixate the holster to your thigh. Thanks to this solution the holster is kept steady while not interfering in your movements or any demanding tasks.

To prevent loss and any unwanted use of the spray, there is a Velcro flap which also ensures quick drawing of the spray and its immediate use.

It is possible to carry other types of 400ml self-defense sprays in the holster.

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