AS-W-60     ASU-W-60     ASUD-W-60     Interlocking anti-riot shield

The shield is equipped with interlocking components on its sides which enable connecting several shields into one row. The sides of the shields can be fit into one another within seconds, creating a sturdy protective barrier – a shield wall.

Another shield can be placed perpendicularly on top of the 168 cm shield, providing the anti-riot team members protection from the top as well. Thanks to the specially shaped upper edge, the shields fit very closely together which significantly increases the safety of the protected persons.

In case of need, the shields can be quickly disconnected again and used separately.

Only the shields of the type AS-W can be interlocked, the locking of type AS is not possible.

Knee pad for 168 cm police shields

168 cm police shields are equipped with a knee pad which ensures better comfort and stability when holding the shield. The ergonomic shape of the knee pad efficiently dampens the vibrations from strikes into the legs of the user. The knee pad also further reinforces the lower part of the shield.

The interlocking parts on the sides of the knee pad ensure much tighter connection between the tall shields (the shields are locked in the upper part near the handles and in the lower part near the knee). This knee pad is already included in the price of the shield.

Designation of the shieldWidthHeightWeightHolding of the shield
AS-W-60-100/L 685 mm 1 000 mm 4,00 kg in left hand
AS-W-60-100/R 685 mm 1 000 mm 4,00 kg in right hand
ASU-W-60-100 685 mm 1 000 mm 4,15 kg in left hand or in right hand
ASUD-W-60-100 685 mm 1 000 mm 4,75 kg in left hand or in right hand
AS-W-60-165/L 685 mm 1 685 mm 5,80 kg in left hand
AS-W-60-165/R 685 mm 1 685 mm 5,80 kg in right hand
ASU-W-60-165 685 mm 1 685 mm 5,95 kg in left hand or in right hand
ASUD-W-60-165 685 mm 1 685 mm 6,55 kg in left hand or in right hand

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