BE-01     Expandable baton conical rubber ending with a jut

Expandable baton conical rubber ending with a jut BE-01

It is also possible to supply a special large ending on the handle for expandable batons to to increase greatly the certitude of baton holding.. This ending has a specially curved jut, which allows hitting the adversary with the other side of baton. This is advantageous in situations where a confined space makes it impossible to fully open the baton and use it. The ending is supplied separately or on request for a complete baton.


BE-02     Baton HARDENED steel ending

BE-02 Supplementary Expandable Baton's HARDENED steel ending It is also possible to supply a special steel hardened ending of the handle for expandable batons, which makes it possible to use it as an impact tool, e.g. for breaking of windows or as an improvised hammer.

BE-03     Baton ending with a small crowbar


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BE-03 Expandable baton ending with crowbar Baton ending in the form of small crowbar is designated particularly for use by police and rescue teams. It can be easily mounted on the baton after unscrewing its original ending. In this manner it is possible to create in emergency situations very rapidly an alternate tool namely for levering of locks and hasps. Its rear part is used as hammer.

Dimensions: 80 × 28 mm, weight 215 g.

BE-03 Expandable baton ending with crowbar

BE-04     BE-05     Expandable baton ending with a hidden spike

Expandable baton ending with a hidden spike BE-04

This rubber ending with a hidden spike is useful especially in emergency cases for the destruction of obstacles made of glass, for example during car accidents or police interventions. The ending is designated primarily for armed forces and rescue units, but also for ordinary drivers as an emergency tool for escaping from a vehicle in the case of an accident.

The special hard and highly resistant spike (tungsten carbide) is safely hidden in the ending right beneath the rubber surface. It reliably shatters glass even when limited force is applied. The ending can be easily mounted onto an expandable baton in the place of the standard ending.



The extended rubber part of the ending improves grasp of the baton, prevents the hand from slipping and partially protects it against possible glass shard injury.



This is a more compact version of the BE-04 ending.


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