UTB-01     Tactical backpack

Tactical backpack ESP allows easy transport of large quantity of useful equipment and ensures its immediate availability at police intervention or emergency rescue action. Thanks to its special design, it is possible to put into this backpack in a well-organised manner the equipment exactly according to the needs and specific requirements of activities of the given unit.

Systemic design of the inside of the backpack using the carrying system of straps allows almost arbitrary fixation of the chosen equipment in a modular way – vertically and horizontally, with use of buckles, metal clips or cases equipped with the MOLLE system.

The same carrying straps are situated also on the outside of the tactical backpack, which contains also large Velcro used to attach identification label – such as POLICE, SWAT, etc. Both front and back sides of the backpack also contain special pockets, into which you can place ballistic protection.

Outer dimensions of the backpack: 500 × 300 × 100 mm (height × width × thickness).


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