aimed on self-defence and professional use of telescopic baton

Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP

The course is lead by our principal external instructor and main methodologist for this topical area - Lt.Col. Pavel Černý. He is one of the most experienced instructors, author of numerous tactical and instructional materials and educational DVD „Telescopic baton in practice“. These special courses were conceived for use in police practice, it means with respect to usage of telescopic baton as efficient professional service tool. Educational programs are prepared in the basis of long-term valuable experience gained at practical police training with respect to the state of the art and most recent world trends in preparation of security forces. The courses are focused particularly on integral and didactically envisaged preparation and they are determined namely for police officers, army forces and other components of Law Enforcement.

Optimal group for these courses consists of 10 – 12 persons, preferably instructors of police training (self-defence, tactics, shooting practice, etc.).

Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP

Basic training

  • carrying, drawing of baton
  • opening and closing of baton

Maintenance of baton

Possible effects of use of baton

Variants of hits

Basic flying blows

Defence situations - actions of adversary

  • grasps
  • blows and kicks
  • attacks with cold steel

Service applications of telescopic baton

  • tactical - preventive actions
  • taking-away techniques
  • restraining techniques
  • forcing a person to leave a vehicle
  • special techniques

Use of tactical accessories to telescopic baton

  • various kinds of holders
  • additional flashlight
  • tactical mirror

It is possible to modify or extend contents of the course after consultation in accordance with specific needs of the pertinent armed forces.

The courses lasting 5 days are usually lead in English. Upon termination of the course each participant of this training receives an educational DVD and official certificate of completion of this course issued by the ESP.


Equipment of trainees

(photos were taken during the ESP courses realised abroad)

  • hardened telescopic baton with holder (and possibly also additional flashlight and tactical mirror)


It is also desirable to ensure appropriate space for this course, namely:

  • for standard drills (indoor with possibility of training in boots and lying on a mat)
  • special training requires availability of cars (approx. 3-5 cars for 10 trainees) and of building for training of tactical approaches

It is presumed that trainees will be dressed in appropriate suitable service of training uniform (it is, however, necessary to take into consideration also a possibility of its damaging or soiling in the course of training). Due to envisaged training of tactical procedures it is desirable that trainees are equipped their handgun with its holster, belt, handcuffs, etc.
Total price of such course provided by the ESP and organised outside Czech Republic depends on many factors (such as transport, accommodation and board for our instructors). It is therefore necessary to discuss in detail financial and payment terms individually for each training.


Kurzy ESP Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP Kurzy ESP
Kurzy ESP Kurzy ESP

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