MH-x4-MP5     Plastic holder for magazine of the rifle HK MP5 / UZI

Plastic holder for magazine of the rifle HK MP5 / UZI

This self-locking universal holder is designated for very convenient placement of a back-up magazine for 9mm police submachine gun HK MP5 and UZI.

The sophisticated design with fixation spring enables quick drawing of the magazine.


The holder can also support the magazines for:

  • rifles of the type AR-15 (9 mm Luger type),
  • submachine guns Brügger & Thomet (9 mm Luger type),
  • handguns with the caliber .45 Auto with double stack magazine (e.g. HK Mark 23, Para Ordnance P14, Glock 21),
  • submachine guns vz. 61 Škorpion (20-round magazine).



Black black
Khaki khaki
Olive drab olive


Designation of the holderType of the fixation clipRotation
with MOLLE
Insertion without
unbuckling the belt
MH-04-MP5 UBC-01 X
MH-14-MP5 UBC-02
MH-24-MP5 paddle Fobus X
MH-34-MP5 UBC-03 X X
MH-44-MP5 UBC-04

MH-MH-x4-MP5     Double swiveling plastic holder for two magazines of the rifle HK MP5 / UZI

Double swiveling plastic holder consists of two holders MH-x4-MP5 connected by special adaptor. Advantage of this solution consists in saving the space on the belt.

The holder enables smooth rotation in the range of 360 degrees without the use of any tool (there are 16 possible fixed positions). Both holders rotate in respect to the belt simultaneously, while their mutual position remains unchanged.

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