Our hardened baton is designated for professional use by the police and other security forces. It serves for fast self-defense in different conflict situations.

Unlike non-hardened baton, its tubes are made of high quality hardened steel, tested over years with millions of batons already produced using this steel. The hardening makes the telescopic tubes extremely resistant against bending even during powerful strikes.

This type of baton can be opened by a sharp swing of the handle into a free space. The expanded telescopic tubes are then firmly secured by the friction of the cones.

The baton can be closed by hitting a hard and firm surface with the tip of the baton. The more powerful the swing when opening the baton, the firmer the locking of the tubes into the expanded position – but it is then also more difficult to close the baton.

The ESP hardened batons meet the requirements of the German standard for telescopic batons (with the exception of the button-unlock batons). These expandable batons are produced with a black nickel-zinc surface treatment (with good resistance against scratching) or with a white chrome surface treatment (silver).

This baton can be used with any accessories from our selection. We have produced hardened baton in 5 lengths with 3 types of rubber handles.

 What is the telescopic baton – more information >



Demonstration of difference between hardened and non-hardened baton (after one blow)Demonstration of difference between hardened and non-hardened baton (after one blow)

Types of handles

Specially designed rubber handle enables a secure hold. The rubber material is certified for long-term contact with the skin without health risks. Three types of handles are available:


Anti-slip handle with a rough surface "H"

Its design significantly decreases possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand and gives the user a comfortable certitude.

Anti-slip handle – hardened expandable baton

Ergonomic handle "HE"

This handle has an ergonomic shape with pleasant smooth surface.

Ergonomic handle – hardened expandable baton

Smooth leather-imitation grip "HL"

Smooth leather-imitation grip – hardened expandable baton

One tried to pull the baton out of hand...

Common baton
Common baton

ESP baton

Review of producing types

Designation of the batonType of the handleSurface finishLength of the batonWeight of
the baton
in set with BH-54
or BH-55 holder
without holderexpanded *closed
ExB-16H anti-slip black /
(405 mm)
(170 mm)
340 g
ExB-16HE ergonomic
ExB-18H ExBO-18H anti-slip black /
(455 mm)
(180 mm)
370 g
ExB-18HE ExBO-18HE ergonomic
ExB-21H ExBO-21H anti-slip black /
(530 mm)
(210 mm)
440 g
ExB-21HE ExBO-21HE ergonomic
ExB-21HT ExBO-21HT anti-slip with
a smoother surface
ExB-21HL ExBO-21HL smooth leather-imitation
anti-slip black /
(585 mm)
(230 mm)
500 g
ExB-23HE ergonomic
ExB-26H anti-slip black /
(660 mm)
(260 mm)
540 g
ExB-26HE ergonomic

* length tolerance: -0,6″ (-15,2 mm)  /  +0,4″ (10,1 mm)


Swiveling holder supplied with the expandable baton

All hardened batons are supplied with a professional swiveling plastic holder with Quick Change System, for which European patent was granted. It can be rotated in respect to the belt by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. This holder is included in the price of the baton.

Sviwelling plastic holder BH-34 and BH-35

This holder enables:

  • very quick drawing of the baton just with one hand, since there is almost no friction thanks to automatic opening of the holder after unfastening of nylon strap,
  • with unfastened nylon strap enables carrying of expanded baton.


The holder is equipped with UBC-05 belt clip (part of the Quick Change System) which enables the user to quickly change between different plastic and nylon ESP holders with rotation mechanism. The clip itself remains fastened to the belt – you only need to click on the holder of choice.


  • batons of the lengths 16, 18″ and 21″ .... BH-54
  • ExB-21HL baton .... BH-54-L
  • batons of the lengths 23″ and 26″ .... BH-55

Technical data for hardened expandable batons

A three-part steel friction lock baton with a special rubber grip, with a high-quality holder as part of the delivery.

Outside diameter of the grip: 27,5 mm (29,5 mm for ExB-23H, ExB-26H).



Cold drawn seamless tubes, class CSN 12 060 (Czech standard) = CK55 (DIN 17200) = C55E (EN 10083-1+A1).


Part of batons Tubes 
Width of
the wall
Hardened for
Rockwell hardness
Holder 21 mm 1,75 mm 47 ± 2 HRC
Centre part of batons 16 mm 1,5 mm 49 ± 2 HRC
End part of batons 11 mm 2 mm 51 ± 2 HRC


Surface finish

Surface finish is black nickel-zinc (with good resistance to abrasion), or white chrome.


Technical Directive - Short and long batons - Situation: April 2006 >

Testing Protocol >

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