Example how to use the combined stun gun SCORPY

Príklad použití kombinovaného paralyzeru Scorpy 1) A woman is being followed up by strange man on her way home. She starts to run, but the man starts to run also. The woman feels in danger and thinks how to defend herself. To feel safe she takes the combined stun gun SCORPY out of her handbag and unlocks it. To use it in self defense is not advisable, as the man hasn't attacked her yet and it is not sure he will do so. Maybe he just wants to ask her something, it could be only a bad joke or the man just started to run at the same time, but not because of the woman.

2) Suddenly the attacker grabs her from behind to pull her down on the ground. Now it is not possible to use the spray, as the woman doesn't have a chance to point it at the attacker's face. But the woman can use the combined stun gun and with the electric discharge hit the attacker in the groin. She can manage this even with the limited movement of her hands.

3) The attacker goes into shock and releases his grip, the woman is now in place to use the spray, embedded in the stun gun SCORPY. She doesn't need to look for it anywhere, she already holds it in her hand.

4) After use of the spray, the attacker loses the ability to move coordinately for about 15-30 minutes and the woman can call the police.


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