Telescopic baton in practice or “Quick and easy use of the baton” on DVD Telescopic baton belongs undoubtedly to the recent "hits" not only in the world, but increasingly also in our country. It is popular both in the security sector, but also among those who seek a compact and yet sufficiently effective means for their self-defence.

Although every man has natural skill of “hitting someone with something”, it is usually somewhat difficult to get access to more detailed information on training with the telescopic baton, let alone the instructions for special advanced training. Such instructional manuals, aimed both at fundamental and at advanced skills, are not many in the world, and in our region this area remained until recently completely neglected. That’s why as a part of the comprehensive program launched by the company ESP rather unusual product was created - unique educational material on the DVD medium, which is designed for those wishing to achieve a higher level of real practical control of the "telescope". This project was headed by the Chief training instructor of the company ESP - Mgr. Pavel Černý. In collaboration with other renowned specialists (mainly Lukas Holub and Mgr. Pavel Gilar, holders of master degrees of the martial art system Wing Tsunami) he made use of his valuable experience gained during many years of work as police methodologist for special trainings and expert for special weapons for Czech Police. He combined his rich experience with the elements of combat systems using sticks, and he succeeded in creating a very simple "school", which can at relatively short time teach how to use efficiently telescopic baton. This success was confirmed by responses of many experts in the field. The school thus gives guidance as to how to get prepared "easily and quickly" to address a real conflict exactly with use of this more and more popular defence and professional device.


Telescopic baton in practice


This electronic medium contains a video lasting more than one hour, which is divided into the following chapters:

  • basic training, possible effects of the use of the baton
  • variants of strikes, basic arc strike
  • defence situations - grips, strikes and kicks, cold weapons
  • professional use of telescopic batons
  • tactical - preventive actions
  • abduction techniques, immobilisation techniques
  • forcing a person to leave the vehicle
  • maintenance of batons, use of the supplements to the telescopic baton



The video progresses from the basic elements of movement to more complex techniquesThe video progresses from the basic elements of movement to more complex techniques, which are certainly not over-complicated and can be therefore mastered in a relatively short time even by the persons without any previous experience. There is a clear effort to demonstrate sufficiently simple procedures that are at the same time effective and easy to apply in real situations. The presented techniques are moreover combined with presentation of the effects of the use of the baton, in a form of scenes “from everyday life”. All of this is accompanied by lucid comments, which seek to draw attention to some potential risks and tries to give a sincerely meant guidance to possible solutions of stalemate situations that can be easily encountered in reality.

It is moreover apparent from the very beginning that there is a tendency to link the movement variations with other necessary elements - and especially with tactics and preventative actions, both in the introductory part, devoted to the personal defence against armed and unarmed attackers, and in the second part, devoted to professional use of the baton by Police. This DVD can therefore become an important inspiration and aid specifically for self-defence instructors and for tactical training in various armed forces, which is progressively more and more often use the ESP telescopic baton.

All of this is completed by a bonus, i.e. by illustrative instructions for the use of a wide range of accessories and appliances, but also by extremely interesting tests of both the telescopic baton, and also extremely hard tests of its accessories.

This DVD is now available not only in Czech language, but also in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

If you want belong to those, who only keep carrying this increasingly popular telescopic baton, buy it. However, should you want to learn something really meaningful, it is definitely worth it to see video and to start practicing according to its instructions ...


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